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Over-Age Middle School Program

Prepare To Progress

Fresh Start Academy (FSA) prepares over-age middle school students to progress to traditional high school environments by equipping them with the tools required to maintain pace for promotion and/or graduation.  This is accomplished through the utilization of rigorous blended learning within a time-tested school culture while also focusing on pro-social relationships.

FSA provides a student-centered, inviting and flexible environment by identifying potential risk factors that typically hinder over-age students from progressing.  A major component of the program is the development of critical thinking skills, supported by a student leadership model that allows for academic and behavioral success.

Who Is This Program For?

Who Is This Program For?

This program is designed for students in grades 7-8 who have been held back one or more years, and who are in danger of dropping out of school.

How Does the program work?

The Over-age Program gets students back on track by modifying years of coursework into one calendar year. If your 6th through 8th grade student is two or more grade levels behind, the FSA program has an academic plan designed specifically for grade level correction.

Is There A Schedule?

FSA students have modified schedules which include mandatory, minimum lab attendance of at least 5 hours daily.

Will There Be Any assessments?

Pre/Post assessments are required for each course and guidelines and timeline expectations for completion ensure proper pacing. Additionally, the Fresh Start Program offers a self-paced, individualized online program for those students in need of an alternative option for middle school success.

FSA’s Over-Age Middle School Program is geared to meet the need of the overage middle school student, which will allow them to successfully earn their high school diploma.  We provide highly qualified teachers, online tutorials, a college and career ready curriculum, and technical support.  Students will have access to academic coaches who will discuss their academic progress and help to keep them on track toward future high school success.  Academic coaches will also provide community referrals to address non-academic factors that may be a barrier to their educational progress.  Our program targets students who are facing challenges in the regular school setting such as disciplinary issues and at risk behaviors that can lead to suspensions, credit deficiencies, or dropping out.  FSA will operate as an extension of your school district in a local student friendly setting.  We will work closely with your school district leadership to personalize the program to the unique needs of your district.