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Dropout Recovery

Good solutions for your future!

Fresh Start Academy provides academic and support services to students either at risk of not earning a high school diploma or wishing to return to school after a gap in their education.

Fresh Start Academy understands that Graduation Candidates have other responsibilities that make obtaining a high school diploma appear impossible. Our academies have extended hours, Monday through Friday, so everyone is able to experience the unique and custom-designed learning environment offered. Attending an Academy is essential to educational development, but because the learning platform is web-based, Graduation Candidates can work on courses anywhere with internet access.

Our Career &Life Coaches

Will Help You To:

Align Your Future

Attend events such as career fairs, mock interviews, and presentations from local business leaders.

Digital Portfolio

Graduation Candidates are able to create a digital portfolio of their work and credentials for later employment and educational endeavors.

Improve Your Life

Improve the lives of young people, their families, and their communities by providing an opportunity to earn a high school diploma

Core Values

No matter how much we grow or all the new things we learn, we’ll never forget the core values that led to our success. It’s something you can’t really put into numbers. It’s what people are saying. It’s what they’re seeing. At Fresh Start Academy, we want to maintain a reputation for delivering real-world results that make meaningful differences in the lives of real people, just like you


Empower Students


Build Relationships



Be The Change




Work With Passion


Make Kids Smile


Respect For All


Be Honest